Jak prát oblečení pro miminka ?

How to wash baby clothes?

Infant skin is very sensitive. Did you know that a baby's skin is up to 5 times thinner than ours - adults ? Therefore, it is advisable to choose a gentle detergent.

It is more hygienic and practical to always wash children's clothes separately . Most washing machines today already have a special program for washing children's clothes, which has an extra rinse in the program. This will remove the last detergent residue from the clothes. But if you have an older washing machine, nothing happens at all. Add an extra rinse cycle.

And now we will look at which detergent to choose.

Common detergents contain chemicals, brighteners and/or dyes. Using such a product can cause drying of the skin, allergies, and even eczema in your babies. Therefore, please choose detergents that are intended for children. At least until they are 3 years old.

Therefore, it is best to choose from hypoallergenic ones that are dermatologically tested, do not contain dyes, brighteners and enzymes. It must effectively remove stains. And they are usually revealed by the smell, which should be soft and unobtrusive. It is always better to choose a product without perfume.

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