welcome to stay little

About us

Stay Little is a place where loving children's stories are combined with a unique style. Each piece of our collection is like a small told fairy tale, embroidered with love and attention. The heart of our range is soft organic cotton, which ensures safety for sensitive children's skin.

Welcome to a world where every piece of clothing tells its own story

We are here from the first moments to live with you the most precious moments. From the birth of your baby, through the first photo shoot, christening to birthday parties. We are here to offer you the perfect gift for the new mom who is proud of her baby's name. Our clothes thus become a precious memory of the most precious moments. And what's important - don't throw away those tiny booties with a name on them. Keep them for your baby until he is no longer a baby. Or save them as a memory of those magical moments you spent together.

Our mission is clear

we want children to walk stylishly dressed and feel confident. We believe it is important for every child to be able to express their own unique style and feel great in their own skin. We strive to create clothes that are not only trendy, but also very comfortable thanks to their oversize cuts. Our pieces are designed to withstand the rigors of children's play and adventures, whether it's all day at nursery or endless games outside.