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BIBS De Lux - Iron/Baby-blue

BIBS De Lux - Iron/Baby-blue

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BIBS are conquering the world. Simple and stylish. Iconic pacifiers designed and manufactured in Denmark since 1978.

Their minimalist Scandinavian design and wide color selection are typical for BIBS pacifiers. All BIBS

products are a guarantee of the highest quality of the children's range.

BIBS De Lux is a classic round pacifier with a minimalist look and a modern matte finish in beautiful

color menu of soft, pastel, earthy and neutral tones.

The suction part is made of 100% natural rubber, which is extremely flexible and soft at the same time, durable towards creating cracks and chipping off small pieces.

The pacifier is designed not to irritate sensitive skin babies.

The round ring with vents has an arched shape, it almost does not touch the skin around the mouth, so it remains calm, without marks or irritation. Thanks to soft rubber and built-in air valve, the child easily presses and shapes the pacifier in the mouth, which preserves the natural development of the palate and gums and teeth children.

Why do babies like BIBS pacifiers?

  • Extra light.
  • The exceptional taste of natural rubber, children naturally prefer it to synthetic materials
  • The round / cherry shape of the pacifier is often liked even by children who reject other pacifier shapes.

Why do parents like BIBS pacifiers?

  • The baby sucks only 100% natural safe material, rubber made from the sap of the Hevea tree.
  • Thanks to the special arched shape of the disc, the contact of the pacifier with the skin is minimized, the skin remains dry and irritation does not occur.
  • Stylish design in beautiful colors.
  • Made in the EU.



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Wash inside out at a maximum temperature of 30°C, iron only at low temperatures. Do not tumble dry.

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