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BIBS pacifier clip - Dark Oak / Vanilla

BIBS pacifier clip - Dark Oak / Vanilla

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BIBS is a popular Danish brand with a tradition of producing iconic pacifiers since 1978. In addition to pacifiers, BIBS also offers a varied premium range for the smallest children in minimalist Scandinavian design and a wide color palette. All BIBS products are a guarantee of the highest quality of the children's range.

A practical part of modern children's equipment is a clip for pacifiers. It can be used at home, outdoors, in a car seat, while playing or during a walk, ensuring that the pacifier is always at hand, stays clean, does not fall to the ground or is lost.

BIBS Paci Braid Pacifier Clips have a classic retro braided design with a Scandinavian twist. They are made of 100% organic cotton with the GOTS certificate. The metal part is nickel-free and the wooden decorative element has an FSC certificate, which guarantees the sustainability of forestry. The clips are suitable for all types of BIBS pacifiers. Parents who want to combine design and functionality can easily color-match the clips with their favorite pacifiers and BIBS Bandana bibs.


GOTS certified cotton.

FSC certified wood.

Nickel-free metal.


In accordance with the European standard EN 12586+A1:2011.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard. It meets the strict conditions of ecological processing, production, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution.

FSC – FSC certified wood. The FSC mark is a guarantee that no more wood is harvested than the forest itself can produce and guarantees good working conditions.


Total length 22cm.


The pacifier clip should be used when your baby is awake and supervised. It can only be attached to clothing. It should not be used when the child is in the crib or during sleep. It must not be used as a toy or teether. Do not tie it around your child's neck or use it when the child is unsupervised. Check carefully before each use. Discard at first sign of damage or weakening. Never extend. Never fasten on ribbons, cords or loose parts of clothing.


We ship products in stock within 3 business days. If the product says "in stock within a week", we ship the goods within 7-10 days of receiving payment.

Delivery is possible through the Post Office to the home or to the Post Office delivery points. We also ship via the Czech Post or Balíkovna.


Wash inside out at a maximum temperature of 30°C, iron only at low temperatures. Do not tumble dry.

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